Thursday, February 26, 2015

Shark Binoculars

We are in LOVE with shark crafts over here.   Love, love, love them.

So when I was sent a bunch of free craft materials from Horizon Group awhile back, I knew what we had to use them to make.... Shark toilet roll binoculars!

Toilet Roll Shark Binoculars 

Here's a fun take on toilet roll binoculars- turn them into sharks and add some lovely decorative beads!

Aren't they adorable?  They are my favorite shark-themed craft so far!

Ok, before we dive into the details about the craft, let me share a bit more about why I received free crafting materials.

Did you know that starting in March, Target is going to start shelving Creatify Crafting Products, a new line of kids crafting supplies?  The products will range from $4.99- $12.99.  To help get the word out, they sent a couple of kid craft bloggers samples of their new supplies to try out.

I've been playing around with the materials for about a week and a half now... and let me just say that they are pretty awesome.  Here's how the items come packaged:

(Doesn't this just scream "party in a jar?")

Creatify pom pom container

And here's what the materials look like inside-
(As you can see, the materials are gorgeous.  The colors and designs are lovely, modern, and right on trend.  They said that professional crafters hand-selected and developed each item... and you can definitely tell..)

Creatify beads

So the next time you go to Target, go ahead and take a peek for the new Creatify brand.  And if you want to learn more about them, you can always follow them on facebook too!

Ok... now let's get onto the craft!   Here are the materials that we used:

  • 2 Toilet Rolls
  • Cereal box cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Tempera Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Tape
  • Craft Knife
  • Sharpie Marker (Black)
  • Hole Puncher
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • String (provided by Creatify)
  • Beads (provided by Creatify)
  • Googly eyes (provided by Creatify)

Ok.  I was going to take step-by-step photos of everything, but we just jumped right in.  You know how it is right?  The camera never got a chance to come out.  But here's a general recap of the steps.

First, I cut out 2 shark fins from cereal box cardboard.  I cut a small slit on the bottom to create 2 tabs.

Cut out shark fin shape to make shark binoculars

Ok, then, I cut out a slit lengthwise on top of the toilet paper rolls.  To attach the fins, I simply slipped them through and then bent the tabs inside, taping them in place.

Then, I cut out the mouth and teeth.

Make a fun pair of shark binoculars from toilet paper rolls!

Chuck and I then painted everything.  Once the paint dried, we added details with our Sharpie marker and glued on googly eyes.

Then, I hot glued both sharks together side-by-side.

Then, I used a hole puncher to punch out two holes on the sides of our binoculars.  I cut out a piece of string and we strung on a couple of beads.  I tied both ends through the binoculars.

And that's it!

Make a pair of shark binoculars with the kids!  Fun way to reuse toilet paper rolls!

Is that a pair of sharks I see in the distance?  Nope.  It' just Chuck. 

make a pair of shark binoculars with the kids

Let me know if you try making these bad boys for yourself, k?  :) I'd love to see your shark binoculars too!

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Happy making, friends!

toilet roll shark binoculars

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