Sunday, May 3, 2015

Slinky Rainbow Garland

Are you looking for an easy, fun, and colorful kids craft?  Well, then today's slinky rainbow garland is just up your alley.  I've been digging rainbow crafts lately.  They're just so fun and happy! And these rainbow garlands are totally rocking my world.  I was inspired by Minieco's folded rainbow paper garlands and decided to make some of my own!  Chuck loves playing them like an accordion and watching them wiggle around. (Ok, I kinda do too. They're mesmerizing!)

Slinky Rainbow Paper Garland

how to make a slinky rainbow paper garland

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Before we start, here's a fun video I made to put up on my FB page, showing them dancing around.

Dancing Paper Garland from Pink Stripey Socks on Vimeo.

Ok.  Ready to make a rainbow paper garland?  Let's go!

To make this garland, you just need colored paper, a glue stick, and scissors.  That's it!

First we'll make same-sized strips of paper in every color of the rainbow! To make the strips, fold your paper in half lengthwise.  Then do it again.  Open up your folds and you should have 4 equal sized strips.  Cut them out.  Do this for all the colors of the rainbow.  (You can make your strips smaller if you want.  I just liked making mine bigger because the slinky was more fun to play with when it was larger.)

Now it's time to start gluing your strips together.  Using a glue stick, glue one end of a purple strip with one end of a blue strip.

Then, fold the purple strip over.  Then fold the blue strip over. Keep repeating this alternating pattern till your strips get too short.  Now it's time to glue on the next colors.  Glue on a green strip to your blue strip and glue on a blue strip to your purple strip.

Repeat the folding pattern again until your green and blue strips get too short.

Now glue on a yellow strip to your green strip and glue on a green strip to your blue strip.

Keep repeating this folding and gluing pattern over and over again with different color strips.  (Remember, you're going through the colors of the rainbow.) After awhile, you'll  have a lovely slinky paper garland.  Glue the ends to each other when you're done!

The results of the folding and changing colors are really gorgeous!

Doesn't this totally scream, "play with me! play with me!"

I really hope you have fun making this paper craft with your kids!  And if you're looking for other easy cut and fold paper crafts, check out the links below!

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