Friday, January 27, 2012

Mr. Right and future babies

I just found out that a friend from New York recently got engaged.  

It was the best freaking news I've heard all week.  

M- Do you remember the dinners and sleepovers we had?  You know, the ones where we laughed a lot, ate a lot, and dreamed about Mr. Right and future musically talented babies?

I'm so glad that it's finally happening. 
Thanks for sharing your joy with us. 


  1. congrats to your friend!!! and what is with this new layout!? i can't decide if i like it ;)

  2. like the new font & layout...just a little surprised that it's not .... pink :P

  3. i'm trying to make it look a bit more personalized. but, i'm not quite sure if i like it enough to keep it..... we'll see what happens!


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