About me

Hiya!  My name is Leslie.   

I love creating and connecting with kids.   

I'm ..

This is my happy place.

Thank you for visiting my little piece of the web.  This is my happy place.  Hopefully, you'll find a couple of ideas and projects that you'd like to try out too.  

So go ahead and peek around!

Here's my Full Disclosure Policy (as per FTC regulations):

I share crafts and activities on this blog primarily because I enjoy making things with my sons and their friends.  However, running a blog takes time and I do try to make a little money from it.  (Every bit helps!)

Here are three ways that I make money from this blog:

  • Sometimes I get paid to write a post reviewing a certain product. These posts are few and far between. They are always clearly labeled as sponsored posts and I share my 100% honest opinion.  I NEVER endorse a product that I do not like.
    • As a side note- Sometimes organizations send me free stuff and ask me to share their product with my readers.  They do NOT pay me but if I like the product, I gladly share it on my blog or one of my social media outlets.  These posts are also clearly labeled!
    • For example: Halo Orange Pigs
  • I put up ads on my blog.  I know they can be annoying, and I apologize.... especially for the loud movie ones... or the one that keeps floating around.  But, I keep them up to generate a bit of income.  
  • I put Amazon affiliate links in my posts.  They usually link to products or books that I think might be helpful to my readers.  Every time you click on the link and purchase a product through Amazon, I make a bit of money (at no additional cost to you.)  

Sharing is caring... but please share nicely.  A note about my photos:

You are free to use one photo and a link back to my site.  Please DO NOT copy and paste my posts into any books, magazines, blog posts, etc... without my permission.  Please DO NOT use my photos in any printed material without my permission.  Thank you! 

Thank you for supporting my blog!

Wanna connect?

 You can email me here:  blocksrfun(at)gmail(dot)com  Or, you can find me on Facebook Instagram, or Pinterest