Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mix ins

This morning I woke up and felt inspired. So I scrounged around the cupboard and found some items to add into my Saturday morning pancakes.

Walnuts, bananas, oatmeal, craisins, and oreos, oh my!

The fruit of my labor:
Oreo pancake- is it eaten for breakfast or dessert?

Though the process was immensely enjoyable, the products varied in quality.
  • Banana and walnut pancakes- Tasty but my bananas looked mushy
  • Oatmeal and craisin pancakes- The oatmeal added an interesting gritty texture 
  • Oreo pancakes- Sadly, they just tasted like an oreo dropped in pancake batter 
Mix ins- 1
Home cook me- 0
You've bested me this time, mix ins!