Monday, August 15, 2011

Clothing modification surgery

Ever since we purchased the sewing machine, hubby and I dreamed of sewing bow ties.  (Hubby loves wearing them to work, but they're so pricey to purchase!)  This weekend we visited the thrift store, found a tie, and transformed* it.

Did this ugly polyester tie know that it was destined for bow tie cuteness? 

*Please note:  I felt like a mad Frankenstein-like scientist.  Before this successful bow tie surgery two other patients died on our operating table.  RIP tie 1 and tie 2.  They were butchered in the name of fashion.   


  1. Makes me so happy to see you guys work together so well and be so creative! Isn't sewing so much fun? There's so much more to create with nifty fabric and a sewing machine.

  2. :) Hubby learned the basics (and now I'm slowly learning too...) so we'll see what's next. Maybe one day I can sew Halloween costumes for Baby Chuck Norris and Charlie. :)

  3. Was it his first attempt tie he successfully made? So exciting. I have a list of things I would like to make in the future. Mommy had used the sewing machine to make baby blankets, little toy pillows using scraps of fabric and cotton balls for my trolls, and I can't forget scrunchies for myself!

  4. Yup. We had two other attempts that ended very badly. We didn't match the right sides and we used the wrong interfacing. :\

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