Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy photos

I often worry about whether I'm a good mom.  Am I being patient enough?  Am I being attentive enough?  Am I being loving enough?  Whenever I find myself worrying too much, I take a step backwards and look through my stash of photos.  I look at his chubby cheeks and remember that he's healthy.  I look at his smile and remember that he's happy.  The photos remind me that our little family is making it and that helps to quiet the doubt inside.


  1. he's eating peaaaaas already?? or is that green-dyed rice porridge? haha ;)

    you guys are doing well!! and coming back!! (:

  2. peas or smashed adovado - why are we paying more attention to the green mush than the cute baby? doing a great job mommy! so precious!

  3. Such a great reminder. Thanks! I just really love his bow ties.


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