Thursday, April 12, 2012

DIY gelatin facial pore strips

I spotted this diy awhile back describing how you could make your own pore strips using two ingredients:  unflavored gelatin and milk.  Make your own Biore-esque strips at home?  The idea sounded so strange that I had to give it a try.

- 1T Unflavored Gelatin
- 1.5- 2 T Milk

(1) I combined the ingredients into a paste
(2) Then, I microwaved the paste for 10-15 seconds
(3) I used a plastic spoon to quickly stir the goo and then slathered it onto my face
(4) I waited ten minutes and then voila! I was like an aging starlet who just got botoxed.

And then came the difficult part.  Pulling everything off was extremely painful.

Bottom line:  I think I'll just stick to eating gelatin and not wearing it.

Have you tried any diy beauty recipes lately?


  1. ;) i'm glad the nyc shirts are getting mileage!! ;D

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