Wednesday, May 22, 2013

E-reader cover

Hubby and I are two different types of crafters.

- I'm a planner.  I'll research ideas online, draw out plans and then re-draw out plans for days and days and days.  Then, after rehearsing the steps in my head, I'll finally go into the store knowing exactly what and how much needs to be purchased.

- Hubby's a doer.  He'll research online and then run into the store grabbing bits and bobs that appeal to him.  His process usually happens in one day(!).  He doesn't use specific measurements.  He doesn't write down lists.  He's a "do now, think later" kind of crafter.

And although his method perplexes me, I'm always impressed by what he turns out.  (I also feeling more inspired to do more and think less... which is a good thing, I think.)  Here's an e-reader cover that hubby quickly threw together this past weekend.  

Photo bombing feet!

Happy Wednesday!