Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Make a hockey stick hobby horse and dragon

Did I make a hobby horse from a hockey stick?


And why stop there?  Why not make a hobby dragon too?


- paper
- felt
- hockey sticks
- hot glue
- scissors
- sewing machine/velcro (optional)

1.  Using your hockey stick blade as the "face," trace out one side of the head onto paper.  (Make the head shape bigger than your blade.  You need enough room to material to glue the two sides together.)  Then, trace your head shape onto two piece of felt and cut the shapes out.

2.  Draw other facial feature on paper first, cut them out, and then trace and cut the templates out of felt. 

3.  Glue your facial features onto each side.  Then use a sewing machine (or hot glue) to attach the two sides together. 

 Repeat the same procedure with the dragon head.  Make templates from paper first and then use those to cut out your felt pieces.

Then, glue the parts onto each side of the head and then sew or glue the two head pieces together.

Place your heads on the hockey stick blades and add an extra dab of glue (or sew on velcro bits) to prevent the heads from sliding off.

Now you're ready to be a cowboy... or a knight... or both at the same time.

Happy crafting!

Update 8/28/13- I'm so happy when readers try out my crafts and let me know about it.  Inspired by this post, Margaret made some lovely hobby horses out of broom sticks!  You can check out her adorable horse on her blog, We Bloom Here.