Monday, October 14, 2013

Post Swap: Fish and Fruit Perler Bead Bracelet

Hi everyone!  Happy Monday!

Guess what?  Today I've got on my happy pants...
and I'm doing my happy pants dance.  

Why?  Well, I'm excited because this week Allison from Dream A Little Bigger and I have a special surprise for you.  Surprise!  We're doing post swaps!  I've had a blog crush on Allison's blog for awhile because she makes uber cool crafts like this zombie string art pumpkin, these neon crochet pot scrubbers, and this pair of rhinestone sneakers

(Go ahead, click on those links.  I can wait. )

Today I'll be over at Allison's blog sharing one of my crafts.  Then, later on this week Allison will be over here to share one of her amazing crafts.

So, head on over to Allison's blog today and see how I made these two perler bead bracelets.