Friday, January 17, 2014

I took the risk... so now what?

Last Thursday, I shared with you my secret, well now not-so-secret dream to make a career as a craft blogger.  Today I just wanted to briefly share what's been happening since then...  

Ehh... a lot of hard work.
End of post.

Image by Marc Johns, found here
What, you're still here?  Ok, ok, maybe I was kind of vague.

 Sharing my dream was incredibly difficult.  After uploading my post I felt sick to my stomach, nervous that I would get laughed at or ridiculed.  Thankfully everybody was super supportive.  No cream pies were thrown.

But now that the cat's out of the bag... I see that the toughest part is coming up.  Dreaming is easy.  Making that dream become reality?  Oof.  Much, much, much, MUCH harder.   It takes a bunch of hard work, persistence, grit, and...

oh yeah, and a handful of grace.    

This past week I rolled up my sleeves and dug into my work.  I submitted crafts more regularly to craft websites and linky parties.  I also dove head first into the vast ocean of social media.  I instagrammed, pinned, tweeted, and I even joined some facebook groups to learn from other much more seasoned bloggers.

The result?

I'm overwhelmed, but I'm also hopeful.  There's so much to learn... and the task seems impossible... and it seems like I'm always behind the game.  But, I also feel hopeful.  I've learned some things and I'm enjoying what I'm doing.
So where will this take me?  Will I end up succeeding... or failing at my task?  I dunno.  Certainly I'll see more rejection.   But I'm going to keep trying and see where this journey takes me.

Are there any risks that you'd like to take... but are to afraid to?  Do you want to join Amy's Risk Rejection challenge too?  (If so, click here.  We can encourage each other.)

Be brave, friends!