Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Indoor Snow Painting (Make Rainbow snow!)

How are you enjoying this snowy weather?  Since Chuck was sick, we stayed inside.  But, the snow was just too tempting, so I let him play with it inside the apartment.  Currently there are so many blogs showcasing indoor snow painting, but this one from Housing a Forest really inspired me to do this activity.

Indoor snow painting activity 

Indoor snow painting activity setup

Keep reading to see our artwork!

How to set up your indoor snow painting activity:

  1. I placed two towels on our living room floor to catch the melting snow.  
  2. Then, I placed the snow on a  cooling rack fitted inside a baking pan.  (This way the snow wouldn't sit in water.) 
  3. To make the paint, I dropped about 5 drops of food coloring into muffin tins and then added water.  Bam!  Super easy.  
  4. Chuck and I grabbed some brushes and dabbed away.

Our indoor snow artwork

Indoor snow painting activity

Colorful, lovely melting snow

Indoor snowpainting melting


Make Colorful Snowballs

(Don't they look a little bit like geodes?  We made a bunch of snowballs in our hands and then dunked them in the food coloring. )
Indoor snow painting activity balls

Overall, this activity was a winner! It went on for about half an hour (which is like a zillion toddler years...) I even had to run outside to get more snow!  Chuck enjoyed dabbing the paint on the snow, mixing the colors,  and dying his smooshed up snowballs. 

 Stay warm and happy crafting, friends!