Monday, January 20, 2014

Two Chinese New Year Dragon Crafts

Ready for a fun Chinese New Year Craft?  Chinese New Year is one of those really fun holidays that I enjoyed celebrating as a kid.  Yummy food, wearing new clothes, red envelopes filled with money, and watching cool dragon and lion dancing?  Come on, what's not to love?  Since the holiday is just around the corner, I showed Chuck some lion dancing videos (Youtube to the rescue!) and then thought it'd be fun if we did some dragon crafts together:

Two Chinese New Year Dragon Crafts

Chinese New Year Dragon Crafts

Little background about me- Growing up I always felt like a "twinkie."  Yellow on the outside, white on the inside.  You see, I looked Asian, but I didn't always feel that way.  Now that Chuck's getting a bit older, hubby and I are trying to figure out how two twinkies like us pass down their cultural traditions. (Ehh... it's a work in progress....)

This craft is one way that we're trying to pass down our tradition.  And, in the interest of full disclosure, Chuck really enjoyed making the handprint dragon.... but he wasn't too keen on coloring my paper bag dragon pieces.  However, once I colored and glued everything down for him, he enjoyed playing with it like a puppet.

So, do you wanna see how we made these two dragons?  (I've got templates too!  Ooh la la!)  Keep on reading!

(And if you like this craft, definitely check out this dancing Chinese Dragon Puppet.  It actually dances and is made from recycled materials!)

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Our Favorite Chinese New Year Books

To go along with this dragon craft, here are some of our favorite Chinese New Year Books! 

Chinese Hand print Dragon Craft

Chinese New Year Hand Print Dragon Craft Materials to make hand print dragon:

  • Water color paper
  • Paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Glue
  • Download this template for head, tail, and claws   

Directions to make hand print dragon:

Note:  I found inspiration from Baa Baa Beep. She made lovely dragon scales by simply tracing her children's hands onto construction paper.  So if you like that idea better, check her blog out!

Steps to make handprint dragon

1.  Have your child paint pieces of paper.
2.  Once the paint dries, trace handprints onto your piece of paper and cut them out.  (We used 9 or 10 hand prints.)
3.  Glue them like scales to your body piece.

Finished Chinese New Year Hand print Dragon

4.  Color in your head, claw, and tail pieces.  (I drew them onto watercolor paper, so we painted them with watercolors.)
5.  Cut them out and then glue them onto your body.  You're done!

 Chinese Paper Bag Dragon Puppet

Chinese new Year Paper Bag Dragon Puppet

Materials to make Chinese New Year Paper Bag Dragon:

Directions to make Chinese New Year Paper Bag Dragon:

(This one is super easy to make.)
Glue on all the dragon pieces to your paper bag
1.  Color in your pieces.
2.  Cut them out.
3.  Glue them onto your paper bag.  (Chuck's arm is pretty small, so I cut the paper bag so that it was shorter.)

Now you're ready to perform your own dragon dance!

Boy playing with paper bag Chinese New Year Dragon

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Happy crafting, friends.

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