Wednesday, July 23, 2014

3 Easy Bear Hunt Activities (with printables)

I love making beautiful things with kids.  But I'll be honest with ya.  Often times making beautiful things takes time to plan and prep... and I just don't have the energy.  Often times I'll find myself at 11pm at night thinking, "Now shoot.  What craft are we going to do tomorrow?"  That's when I resort to fast and easy no-prep activities for the kiddos.  And that's how these 3 "Going on a Bear Hunt" themed activities came about.  Chuck and I love reading the book, so I came up with 3 really easy crafts to go along with the bear hunt theme.

3 Super Easy Bear Hunt Crafts

3 Crafts and Activities to do with Going on a Bear Hunt

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If you find yourself semi-scrambling for an easy craft idea too, then perhaps this activity is for you!  (And here's an added bonus, if you don't want to do your own drawings, you can always just printout my doodles.  I've included pdfs of those too down below. )

Ready to go on a bear hunt with us?  Ok.  Let's start crafting!

Materials Needed

We're Going on a Bear Hunt Book

1.  Make a Paper Bag Bear Puppet!

Make a paper bag bear puppet (with printable)

We made these puppets at our toddler time library group.  The kids colored in the different parts and the moms helped to cut out the pieces.  Then, the kids glued everything onto a paper bag to make a cute puppet. Bam.  Easy to prep, easy to do, easy to clean up.  (To get a pdf of my drawings, find the link in the materials list above.)

Can you guess which one is Chuck's?

Make a paper bag bear puppet (with printables)

2.  Make a Paper Plate Bear Mask

Make a paper plate bear mask

Heh heh heh. This mask was 100% kid painted.  (Chuck was so proud of his work.  And see that black bit at the bottom?  Yeah.  It's his mouth.  I know.  I found it a bit scary and funny myself.)  I also gave him some cereal box ears and nose to paint and then glue on.  Rawr!

3.  Map out the locations in the story!

Make a map of the places (with printable)

Even though we've read the story countless times, I actually found this map to be really helpful in visualizing what was happening.  We just printed out the image (see link for my drawings above in the Materials list), colored it in, and then moved the pieces to the different locations as I read the story.

Map out the locations in Bear Hunt book (printable)

And that's it.  3 easy and fast bear crafts.

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Happy bear hunting!