Friday, November 7, 2014

2-Ingredient Puffy Paint Fall Leaves

Sometimes I have to pinch myself to remind myself that it's fall.  (I'm just not used to warm temperatures at this time of year.)  Chuck and I enjoyed doing fall crafts back in Jersey, so I thought we should try doing some fall crafts here too... even though it doesn't quite feel fall yet...

During a nature walk, we counted quite a few red trees outside.  Boy, was I surprised!  So we drew inspiration from them and made these two-ingredient Homemade Puffy Paint Fall Leaves!

homemade puffy paint leaves for a fun fall craft
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Awhile back we had some success making gluten free homemade puffy paint.  But I was feeling kind of lazy and didn't have all the right materials on hand.  Luckily, we found a super easy recipe for puffy paint on several blogs, and tried it out.

I'll bet you could easily make this puffy paint today.  You probably have all the ingredients already at home.

Here's what we did:

cut out construction paper leaves

First I cut out a leaf template from a cereal box.  Then, I traced this template onto construction paper.   Then, I cut our red leaves out.

How to make homemade puffy paint leaves for a fun fall craft

We made our homemade puffy paint by mixing equal parts of Elmer's Glue and Shaving Cream (the cheapest, white kind) and a couple of drops of food coloring.  That's it!

Then, we used old plastic spoons and popsicle sticks to spoon the mixture onto our leaves.  For added pizzazz, we sprinkled on some sequins (because seriously-  isn't fall a magical time of year?)

Fall Craft- Homemade Puffy Paint Leaves

We let our leaves dry overnight and poof!  The glue/shaving cream mixture took on a lovely, spongy, puffy texture!

How to make homemade puffy paint fall leaves

Now it definitely feels a bit more fall-ish around here. :)

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