Monday, November 3, 2014

Rainy Day Process Art

We got rain!  We got rain!  Whoopie!  This was a pretty big deal here in SoCal because we've been in the middle of a drought for a looooong time. Since I love trying easy art projects with Chuck, we took advantage of the rain and collaborated with Mother Nature to create some beautiful rainy day process art.

Let's Make Rainy Day Process Art!

Rain Art:  Fun Rainy Day Process Art with Kids

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This was a really fun and easy art project.  I really enjoyed it because we didn't concern ourselves so much with the final product.  Instead, we just really enjoyed making art together and then watching Mother Nature add her bit too.

Here's how we made our rainy day process art!

Let's Make Some Rainy Day Process Art!

Draw on your watercolor paper with markers

First we took our washable markers and doodled on a sheet of watercolor paper together.

Place drawings over a plate in the rain- watch the rain change your artwork

Then we placed our artwork on a plate outside.  Then, we listened to the rain fall and watched the colors swirl and blend together.

boy letting rain water drip from artwork

I pulled the picture in before everything blurred together.  Then, Chuck and I talked about what we saw happening outside to the artwork.  Chuck also enjoyed pouring off all the excess rainwater.

Sharpie marker drawing that didn't change in the rain

Since it was still raining, we repeated the process.  But this time, we used permanent markers.  Unlike our washable markers, these stayed put in the rain.  I then reminded Chuck that this was why we had to be careful when using permanent markers.  They didn't wash off as easily as washable ones!  (Ooh, I just realized that this would also be a great science activity too.  You can compare how the 2 different markers interacted with rain.)

Then the rain stopped.  Hopefully we'll get some more rain soon.  Cross your fingers for us, k?  Next time we'll grab our crayons and watercolors and try doing some more rainy day artwork.

Happy creating and exploring, friends!

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