Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Super Easy Cardboard Biplanes

The plane obsession continues over here!  Just when you think we're done with transportation crafts... oh no... we've got another one up our sleeve.

Awhile back Chuck and I made this toilet roll biplane.  But sadly, that plane broke.  Chuck still loves biplanes, so I came up with this super easy practically unbreakable cardboard biplane craft for him to make and then fly.

Super Easy Cardboard Biplane Craft

Super easy cardboard and popsicle stick biplanes
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To make this biplane, I simply cut out 3 identical plane bodies (oval-ish shapes) from corrugated cardboard.  Then, I hot glued them together, making sure to sandwich a mini popsicle stick  between two of them to act as the tail.

Then, I hot glued two jumbo popsicle sticks on top and on the bottom of the bodies to act as the wings.

And then I used Sharpie Markers to decorate the planes.  (At first Chuck didn't want to paint them, so I just decorated them.  But then he changed his mind.  So I should have decorated them after he painted them.)

cardboard and popsicle stick biplanes

Then, Chuck used this washable paint to decorate his planes.

cardboard and popsicle stick biplanes- super easy!

They quickly dried and we were able to play with them! 

easier cardboard and popsicle stick biplanes ever

Yup.  Now we have another plane to add to our long list of DIY Transportation toys!

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Happy Making!
super easy cardboard biplane craft!