Monday, February 9, 2015

DIY Bat Signal!

Does your child love superheros?  We've officially entered the superhero phase!  Yay!  Chuck was Super Man for Halloween.  Now he constantly requests to wear his favorite Batman shirt... with a clip on tie (go figure) and requests superhero books from the library.  I really wanted to encourage his imagination with a fun superhero craft, but wasn't sure what I could easily (and cheaply) make.

Awhile back I made him a no-sew Superhero cape that he still wears around the house.  But after remembering that I had a bunch of red contact paper lying around, I realized that I could also make him a DIY Bat Signal too!

DIY Bat Signal!  Ka pow!

DIY Bat Signal for kids using their flashlight
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Ok.   This tutorial is probably unnecessary because the photo kinda explains it all.  But just in case you were wondering, here's what I did to make this Batman Signal.  (By the way, can I call this a kid hack?  It's super easy and works like a charm.)


Directions:items needed to make DIY bat signal using a flashlight

1.  Trace your flashlight's light.
2.  Doodle on a bat signal.
3.  Cut it out.
4.  Trace that bat onto a piece of contact paper.
5.  Cut that out.
6.  Stick it onto your flashlight's light.

And you're done!

DIY Bat Signal

Now you can call your favorite superhero whenever you want to!
Happy making friends!

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Kid shining a DIY Bat Signal