Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Paper Airplane Valentines

We're just "plane" crazy for planes and transportation crafts over here.  And if you're looking for a Valentine that soars above the rest, then you'll love these awesome paper airplane Valentines.  They don't take very long to make and would be perfect to hand out to classmates!

Paper Airplane Valentines

Paper Airplane Valentines- You make my heart soar!
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Here are the materials I used:

Here's how we made our paper plane Valentines:

how to fold a paper airplane

1.  I cut out rectangles from decorative paper.  Then, I stamped two corners (on a shorter side) with hearts.

2.  Then, I proceeded to fold a paper airplane.

  • I folded the paper in half lengthwise
  • I opened it up and folded two corners in until they met the middle fold
  • I folded the sides in once more so that they met the middle fold
  • I folded it in half along the middle fold
  • I folded the sides down until they touched the middle fold

And that's it!  

paper plane valentine cards for kids

3.  (Optional)  Some of Chuck's classmates are still quite young, so I also used tape and glue to glue the two halves of the plane together.  (I stuck the airplanes in a heavy book to keep the sides together as they dried.) This way the planes were easier to fly.  I also wrote the phrase "You make my heart soar!" on the planes to make them more pun-y and Valentines-y.  (Click here to see more fun Valentine's Crafts!)

It took me one night to make 30 for Chuck's preschool.  We're handing them out to classmates tomorrow and I can't wait to watch them fly their planes around school!

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Paper Airplane Valentines

Happy making!