Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Cardboard Airport Runway

Ever since I saw Paging Fun Mom's pizza box airport, I knew I had to make one for Chuck.   I mean, my goodness, what a neat way to use Christmas lights!  So here's my version of a Cardboard Airport Runway.

Cardboard Airport Runway

Make your own cardboard runway for airplanes
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I love this craft because it's made from an old box and some Christmas lights.  Plus, we made it together as a family. Chuck and his dad drilled the holes together and I painted the box with him.  (And I think it looks just as nice as any of these airplane runway toys.  Don't you?)

Now you might recognize this funny box shape. It's the same box that we used to make our DIY Toy Launcher!  He got bored of that toy and we transformed the box into something new.  (Love that about cardboard boxes!)

First we took the box and drilled parallel sets of holes through the top.  (Note:  Make sure your holes are spaced wide enough apart so that airplane wings can fit between them.  We should have made done that... oh well, live and learn!)

Drill holes to make your own cardboard runway

Then, we painted the box.  Once the paint dried, we simply pushed our Christmas lights through and used packing tape to tape them into place.

Make your own cardboard airport runway with your kids!

Now we've got another easy toy craft to add to our 30+ toy, game, and costume crafts!  

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