Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How to make a DIY Computer Wrist Rest (Kid made gift idea!)

Do you use a computer a lot? Do your wrists feel sore?  Lately hubby's been working long hours on his laptop.  Chuck and I were worried because he started noticing that his wrists hurt.  Yikes.  So we whipped up this computer wrist rest for him for FREE!  Yup!  We didn't need to buy anything super fancy because we already owned all the materials.

DIY Computer Wrist Rest 

how to make a computer wrist rest decorated with your child's artwork for for practically free!

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Wouldn't this make such a cute and useful DIY gift for kids to make?

As you can probably guess, we're all about DIY gifts around here.  Not only do we save a buck or two when we DIY, but we also have ffun making and designing something special for loved ones.  Over the years we've made DIY gifts like...

I'm pretty proud of this computer wrist rest because it's cute AND useful.  Here's how we made it.!

(By the way, I know, the photos are kinda dark.  I was just messing around with the design and snapped some photos as an after thought.  Boy, was I surprised when everything came together!)

steps to make a computer wrist rest for practically free!

First, I grabbed two large freezer bags and cut off the top parts (the zip parts).  Then, I cut off 1 side from each.  Then, I used packing tape and taped the two bags together to make 1 large bag.

Then, I placed my super large bag inside of a plastic bin and poured rice into it.  (I used the bin so the rice wouldn't escape.)  I tried to fill the bag so that we had a squishy and comfy wrist rest.  (Make sure you don't overfill the bag!  Remember, the rice has to "give" a little when you rest your wrists.)

Then, I rolled up the bag's edges and stapled them shut.  Then, I used packing tape to tape my rice into a wrist rest shape.

Then, I cut up one of hubby's old stained work shirts.  Chuck and I grabbed our fabric markers and
these markers and got decorating!

DIY Wrist Rest

Hubby then sewed a little tube from our material to fit over the bag of rice.  (Imagine a little umbrella cover.)  And that's it!  Certainly if you don't sew, you could just hot glue the fabric together (although you wouldn't be able to wash the material once it gets dirty.)

So what do you think?  Will you try making your own computer wrist rest?  

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