Wednesday, June 3, 2015

No-Sew Cloth Super Hero dolls!

Lately, my preschooler has really gotten into super heroes.   I find this pretty funny because we never watch any super hero shows on tv... yet somehow he knows characters like Batman, Wolvarine, Super Man, and Spiderman!  (Weird, right?)  So today I wanted to share this really easy, no-sew cloth super hero doll tutorial.  This quick and simple craft doesn't need any special items and you can make your very own dolls within minutes!

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No-sew Cloth Super Hero Dolls!

Easy DIY Kids Toy- Make some super hero cloth dolls... out of t-shirts! No sewing required!
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Steps to make cloth super hero dolls

1.  Grab an old t-shirt and cut out a rectangle from the front or back panel.  (Fabric scissors make cutting a lot easier!)
2.  Cut your panel in half horizontally.
3.  Now pull each piece of cloth to make a cloth "rope."
4.  Fold one of your cloth ropes in half
5.  Tie a double knot around your first rope.  Trim off the end bits to create arms and legs.
6.  Slip something inside the top loop and draw on a face with Sharpie marker.  Then, cut out clothes from felt!

How to make super hero dolls from cloth with kids! Super easy and no sewing required!

Hot glue or doodle on any extra details!  And voila! You're done!

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