Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Make Tricycle Circle Artwork with Kids!

When I set up today's preschool art activity, my husband thought I was crazy.   Really.  He thought I finally inhaled too many craft paint fumes, fell off my rocker, and floated away to la-la land.

To be fair to him, it really WAS a giant art activity.  But I was still surprised by his reaction because he's already seen me do messy activities  (like making jello brains), slimey activities, and fairly large scale art activities (like this GIANT DIY scratch board).... so really, in the grand scheme of things, what's the big deal with making....


Tricycle Circles:  fun action process art for preschoolers
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Pretty awesome, right?

Yup. I thought so too.

I recently received a copy of Action ART to look over at and review.... and here's my honest reaction to the book--- I LOVED IT.  It includes a over 40 fun and active process art activities just perfect for the preschool crowd.  Most of the activities utilize unusual techniques, unusual art tools, and encourage kids to get active (and often times messy) with their art.  Love that.  As someone who often scours kids' blogs for unique art activities, I was really pleased to see ideas that I had never seen before.

Action Art with young children:  Great active process art book

So far this summer we've had quite a few play dates with friends.  I really love having kids over.  It makes me happy seeing Chuck creating and deepening friendships.  Plus, I also enjoy getting opportunities to create fun and unique art experiences for kids.

(FYI- It's our first time living in a place with an outdoor area... so we definitely make use of it and turn it into a small outdoor art studio!)

We've already tried several activities from the book, and they've all been hits.  When I saw the large scale nature of this tricycle art activity, I knew we had to give it a try.  Here's what we did!

First, I covered my area with old table cloths.   Then, I lay out two sheets of white kraft paper over them. Everything was stuck down securely with masking tape.

(Note:  We used tempera paint for this activity.  It washes out really easily from different materials.  But, I still covered the ground with tablecloths to make cleanup easier and reassure my nervous husband.)

Then, we squirted paint onto our kraft paper.  (I added a bit of water to dilute our paint.)
boy dripping paint on floor

Then Chuck took his tricycle and rode around.  The tricycle didn't pick up too much of the paint, so we had to take a different approach.  I squirted tempera paint directly onto the wheels and he rode around.  Ahhh! The results were much better!

Boy making Tricycle Circles with his bike:  super fun action process art activity with kids

Oooh!  The colors!

paint on tricycle wheels

Once we finished with the activity, I gave Chuck a bowl of water and a rag.

boy cleaning paint off of tricycle after artwork

He then got to work, merrily cleaning his bike. (Like most kids, he loves playing with water, so the cleanup part was just as fun for him as the painting part.)

boy cleaning tricycle after painting with it

And that's all folks.  Let me know if you try this activity out with your kids too, ok?  I'd love to hear your experiences.  And if you like process activities, check out these fun art activities below!

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Happy creating, friends!

tricycle action art with preschoolers- super fun and unique process art idea!