Friday, September 11, 2015

Avengers Paper Plate Masks

One of the neatest things about being a mom is seeing my son bond with my husband.  Right now they both share a love for all things Lego and Super Hero.  While I enjoy Lego, I'm not a big super hero fan.  But I still tried to incorporate it into our crafting time as well.  Here are some Avengers Paper Plate Masks that we recently made together!

Let's Make Paper Plate Super Hero Masks!     

paper plate captain america masks- fun avengers craft for preschoolers
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Ok, the design for these 3D masks is really simple.

Cut two slits in the top of your paper plate.  Then, cut out two eye holes.  (Make sure your child can see through them.)  Then, cut out the rest of the mask's shape!

paper plate super hero masks

Once your mask is cut out, staple the top portion as shown below.  This way the mask will fit your child's face better and look more 3-dimensional.

how to make paper plate avengers masks

Then, grab a Sharpie and add details  or just start painting.  (We used these paints.)

how to paint iron man paper plate mask

Here are the final results!

avenger paper plate masks- great super hero craft for kids

Once you're all set, punch out a hole on either side.  String and tie on elastic cord and you're done!

I hope you have a fun time making some super hero masks with your kids too!

paper plate iron man craft for kids

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Happy making, friends!

how to make avenger super hero paper plate masks- iron man and captain america