Saturday, December 19, 2015

Make a T-Shirt Ninja Mask! (And our 10 top Ninja Books)

Does your child totally dig ninjas?   Then this post is perfect for you!  We love making easy, homemade costumes and today's is my favorite idea so far.  Here's a super quick way to make a t-shirt ninja mask!  All you need is a t-shirt and a minute.  That's it!  No sewing or gluing required!

Super Quick and Easy T-Shirt Ninja Mask!

How to make a t-shirt ninja mask- free, no-sew, and ready to wear in under 1 minute!
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My preschooler has been going bonkers over ninjas lately!  I'll often find him wearing all black, sneaking around the house, and fighting imaginary enemies in the living room.   I've been trying to encourage his imagination by reading him ninja-related books and crafting him this easy t-shirt ninja mask.

Here's a list of our current favorite ninja books:

Our top 10 ninja books!  

How to Make a t-shirt ninja mask... in under a minute!

steps to make a super easy ninja mask quickly! (and for free!)

Ok.  So this is super easy.

  • Grab a long-sleeved t-shirt.  (Black is preferable, but we've also used other colors too!)
  • Place your shirt over your child's head so that his/her face appears in the neck hole.
  • Roll up the bottom of the shirt so that it covers your child's nose.  Make sure to roll it up in the back too.
  • Tie the arms in back of your child's head, securing the rolled-up portion.  (Double knot it if your sleeves are long enough.)

That's it!  Now your ninja is properly disguised and ready to battle!  Wasn't that super easy?  

No-sew, free and easy Ninja Mask for kids- make it in under 1 minute!

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How to make an easy, no-sew ninja mask for kids in under a minute!  (No sewing required and free too!)