Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Window process art (and our favorite 25+ art books!)

There is something about process art that really appeals to me.  When my son and I are free to just explore materials, there's more room to be creative (and a whole lot less pressure on both of us to make things "look right.")  We get to explore, create, and talk with each other.  Now, I will always love cute kids' crafts.  (Googly eyes and glitter will always hold a special place in my heart!) But lately I've just had enough time (and energy) to put out open-ended projects for us to do.

Here's a recent window process art activity that we recently did together...

Family Window Process Art

window process art with preschoolers
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And as always, if you're looking for some great art books to read with the kiddos... here is a list of our current faves...

great list of 25+ great kids art books

Our current 25+ favorite art books:

Picture books about Specific Artists:
Picture Books about Making Art and Color Theory:
Books about Artsy Places
Books with Art Lesson Ideas

Books to feed an art teacher and child's souls

Materials Used:

window process art with preschoolers

Basically I just set out the items and we got to work using them on our large deck window.

window process art with preschoolers

We cut out different shapes from the Cello Sheets, Aluminum Foil, and Paint Chips and used Washi Tape to tape everything up.  We also used the VersaChalk to draw on the windows.

window process art with preschoolers

The final results were stunning.  
(Reminds me of modern art!)

window process art with preschoolers

I loved seeing the light stream through and create designs on the ground.

window process art with preschoolers

It was also neat seeing the artwork change as it got darker.  The neon colored markers stood out so brightly against the night sky.

window process art with preschoolers

I hope you try this art activity out with your kids too.  Let me know how it turns out, ok?

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Happy making, friends!

window process art with preschoolers