Sunday, September 11, 2016

40+ Projects that combine STEM with Art!

Seems like everyone's talking about the importance of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) these days. And hey, I get it.  We live in a highly technological world that's rapidly advancing in all sorts of new ways.   We want our kids to be be creative and adaptive problem solvers.

But maybe you're like me and you deeply love arts and crafts.  They're your jam.  And maybe you're unsure how to dive into all this STEAM goodness.  Hey, I get that too.  Hopefully today's post will help.  In this post I sharing over 40 ideas for arts and craft projects that also happen to incorporate STEM ideas.  Yup.  Here are some of my favorite artsy crafty posts...which also happen to have a little STEAM-y oomph to them!

40+ Projects that combine STEM with Art- Great resource for art teachers and crafty folks who want to encourage STEM learning too!
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Here's a quick guide for how to combine STEM learning with Art Projects-

You could try...

  • Making art materials with kids
  • Encouraging kids to study and experiment with their art supplies
  • Making art to illustrate STEM ideas
  • Building toys with kids
  • Folding Origami with kids

Alright.  You got the quick guide.  So now let's roll up our sleeves and break down each of these ideas!

Make Art Materials with Kids

Store bought art materials are awesome. They're quick and easy to use.  But did you know that there's a TON of science involved in making these materials? (Side note- I recently read this book and cannot recommend it enough. History, science, intrigue... who knew all these things went on to create colors!)

To help give kids a firsthand experience to this process, try making your own art supplies together!  Cutting, mixing, melting, cooking, combining, problem solving..... they get to be a color scientist!  With a little bit of science, technology, engineering and mathematics know-how, you can create any of these art supplies from everyday materials!

Experiment with Art Materials 

Another easy way to incorporate STEM ideas with arts and crafts is by intentionally exploring and studying the different properties of your supplies.  For example, what happens when you apply heat to crayons?  What happens when water drips onto marker?  Can markers draw on all surfaces? When kids explore questions like these they are being creative and thinking unconventionally.  Some examples of these types of activities include...

Use Art to illustrate STEM ideas

Let's face it.  Understanding STEM ideas can be tough.  Luckily, many concepts are more easily understood with accompanying visual explanations.  We can use art projects to help teach or clarify these difficult ideas for kids.  Some examples of these types of projects include...

Build Toys with Kids

I'm a lover of all classic toys... as well as a cardboard hoarder.  Yup.  It's a pretty great combination. (Or a dangerous one... muah ha ha!)  I love turning cardboard into all sorts of fun toys with my kids.  We get to be artsy-crafty engineers, designers, and mathematicians all at once.  Some examples of our favorite handmade toys include...

Use Science to Make Art

Does "art" always have to be created using conventional materials?  No! Why not use scientific ideas to create your own STEAM-filled art? 

Fold Origami

Origami is such a beautiful art form.  You use your creative, artsy side to fold and manipulate a simple flat sheet of paper into something entirely different.  You also explore math ideas like geometry in an intuitive way.  And, did you know that origami even inspires NASA scientists to think about solar panels in a different way?  

Phew.  That was a long list.  Want more? 

Awesome.  I'm so glad!  Hopefully you try out a couple of the projects above and find yourself really enjoying the whole process with the kiddos.  And if you're looking for even more ideas... then I definitely recommend you check out this AWESOME NEW STEAM book for kids!


STEAM Kids- 50+ Awesome and easy activities that combine science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics learning for kids

 It's  packed to the brim with over 50 hand-on projects that you can do with the kids... right now.

STEAM Kids book- rotational symmetry and prism play
This book is a collaborative work of love by several STEAM-loving bloggers .  We're engineers, homeschoolers, educators, designers, and moms who put together over 50+ fun activities for kids 4-10 years old.  Our goal is to excite and motivate kids to explore STEAM ideas in a hands-on-way.

STEAM Kids- 50+ Awesome and easy activities that combine science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics learning for kids

You can visit Amazon to purchase a book today!  Or, if you prefer, you can also purchase an e-book version!

And, join our STEAM kids Facebook group to meet over 700 like minded individuals who are trying to tackle STEAM learning as well.  (I'll see you there!)

Happy STEAM-ing, friends!

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