Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Making Oatmeal Container Castles with Kids

Princesses, Princes, Kings, and Queens!  Calling all kids who love castles and fantasy!  Do you have an old oatmeal container lying around?  Well, don't throw it away!  Here's a super easy recycled craft that transforms oatmeal containers into castles!

What should you do with oatmeal containers?  

(Turn them into castles with kids!)

oatmeal container castles- easy recycled kids project

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I'm pretty frugal, so I especially adore a good craft that uses materials that we already have lying around the house.  We ALWAYS have cardboard, so this was a great craft to do with my preschooler.  It kept us busy and entertained (and I didn't have to do a lot of prep or clean up.  Hooray!)

We've crafted an epic cardboard city with friends, a colorful cardboard fairytale castle, and foldable superhero hideouts.  

Today's oatmeal container castle is one of our easiest cardboard crafts so far. 

I simply took an empty, clean oatmeal container and then cut out a door, windows, and the bumpy bits on top.  (Does anybody know what these are called?) 

Then, I gave my youngest a bunch of popsicle sticks and colorful masking tape.  Then we went to town decorating it.

oatmeal container castles- easy recycled kids project

The other nice thing about this craft is that you can play with your castle later.

Have fun, friends!

oatmeal container castles- easy recycled kids project