Monday, July 8, 2019

Double-Doodle Drawing + The Artful Parent book!

Hi everyone! How is your summer going?  Feel like your days are just go-go-going by? That's how I've been feeling with traveling, weddings, summer camps, swim lessons... etc.  According to my eldest, so far, this summer is "almost as fun as school." (Should I take that as a good thing???) Anyway, amidst all of the hustle and bustle, this lady has been feeling burned out. (And it's only July! Oof.)

Today I just wanted to share this easy art activity that my eldest and I recently did while my youngest "napped." (Notice the quotation marks.  You can probably guess why I put those there...)

It's an activity called Double-Doodle Drawing and it's from the new  The Artful Parent book, written by Jean from The Artful Parent blog.

Double-Doodle Drawing with Kids

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If you have never visited Jean's The Artful Parent site, I highly, highly recommend you check it out. When my eldest was little, I searched for easy ways to create with my son and her blog provided so much inspiration. Jean is such a creative and lovely soul and her blog (and now her newest book) shares so many simple ideas to create with kids..

We received a copy of The Artful Parent to review and I absolutely love it. Jean shares lots of ideas for easy and creative art activities. But it's more than a "how-to/activity" book. Inside, you'll read essays about Jean's creative philosophy and lots of practical tidbits for incorporating creativity and art into your family's everyday life.

How to Do A Double-Doodle Drawing:

1.  Tape a sheet of paper to the table/placemat.
2.  Grab a marker in each hand and begin drawing so that each hand is creating a mirror image of the other. The result will be a groovy, two-colored symmetric image!

My eldest and I enjoyed this fun and odd activity. Personally, I don't draw with my left-hand that much, so I could definitely feel my hand muscles + brain stretching to work this all out.

We drew bugs, faces, leaves, cats, and letters. The letters were really wonky to write. It was hard for me to think of symmetric words. (Wow? Mom?)

If you loved this easy activity, once again I highly recommend you check out the new, revised The Artful Parent book or Jean's other book, The Artful Year.  (I reviewed this book in my melted crayon rocks post.)

The Artful Year Review and some lovely melted crayon friendship rocks

Happy making, friends!