Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Guess who?

Today we picked up a friend from the airport.  She'll be staying with us for a week.  I'm very excited!  Can you guess who she is?

Hint:  These toes have known each other since  the 1st grade!


  1. Allo childhood friend of Les :) Two beautiful sets of feet.


  2. Nail polish and flop tan adds character. It's funny because one of the teacher's at the early head start hates feet, even if the feet has a real cute infant/toddler attached to it, she will not go near the feet. You will never see her not wear latex gloves whenever she needs to put the shoes back on the kids. She's fine when the feet are covered with lets say a sock, but once that sock comes off, she will not go near them unless she has gloves on.>>

    - Kim

  3. Hubby's cousin also doesn't like feet too! :)


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