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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

7 Tips for Taking Preschoolers to the Art Museum

Ever take your children to the art museum?  A couple weeks ago my friend and I brought our 3 preschool boys to our local art museum.  Can I admit something to you?  I was kinda  SUPER nervous about how it would go.  Three active boys walking around a building of beautiful, priceless, breakable artwork?  What could go wrong?  (Ha!)

Pre-mom years, I loved  visiting art museums with my husband.  But once I had Chuck... I put aside those visits because of my fears.  But oh, how I love looking at beautiful things.... and oh, how I love making art and crafts with my son.  Now that he's a bit older I figured it was time to give it a try.  So I asked for suggestions on FB... and we bravely visited the art museum with our 3 very active and curious kids.

Guess what?

It went pretty well!  We had fun and the art stayed unharmed!  Huzzah!  So here's a post detailing 7 things that we did to make our art museum experience more enjoyable (and educational) for the kiddos.

7 Tips for Taking Preschoolers to the Art Museum

7 Tips for Bringing Preschoolers to the Art Museum

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(Hey! Who's that boy in the photo?  Not Chuck. It's one of our friends!)

Monday, August 24, 2015

Two ways to Make Confetti (And Celebrate Fiesta!)

Have you ever made confetti before?  I've seen bags of it in the stores, but never made my own.  Recently my son and I walked with our church in our town's parade.  It was a really fun Children's parade celebrating our town's Mexican, Spanish, American Indian, and early history.

I really wanted Chuck to have something to throw in the parade.  (Because let's face it, allowing a preschooler to throw colorful things at people = SUPER kid fun.)  So the night before the parade, my husband and I made two HUMONGOUS BAGS of confetti for kids to throw.  And guess what?  We made it in less than half an hour.  That's right.  We became confetti-making machines!  Here's how we did it!

Let's Make Confetti!

Here's a super easy way to make your own confetti, with and without a paper shredder!
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Monday, May 5, 2014

Brooklyn Flea Adventure

This weekend my sister took me out to city to celebrate my birthday.  We passed the time thrifting, eating, walking, and chatting.  It was a really perfect day.  I loved hanging out with my sister and I felt so inspired seeing all the colorful street art and lovely handmade items.

Here are some photos from our adventures in Brooklyn...
The colors and smiling children made me so happy
To see more photos, keep on reading!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Wreath Interpretations Exhibit

A couple of days ago, we went into the city to meet up with old friends and see "Wreath Interpretations."  This exhibit showcased Christmas wreaths that were made out of nontraditional materials.  After seeing all the artist's creativity, I definitely left with some ideas for next year's Christmas decorations (note to self- start saving milk caps!)

Now if you're in the city and you've got some time to spare, be sure to check the exhibit out!  It's located on the 3rd floor of the Arsenal Building in Central Park.  It's free (Yes!) and open from 9am-5pm, M-F until January 9th. 

Here are a couple of my favorites from the exhibit:

(Psst- Wanna see what else we did in the city that day?  You can find other photos from our trip on my Instagram.)

Keep reading to see more wreaths!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Holiday Train Show at Grand Central Terminal

One of the best things about this Christmas is that Hubby is off the entire week.  Hooray!  With all of his traveling last month, it's really nice having him around.  I also especially love seeing Chuck and Daddy playing like best buddies. 

This past weekend we finally got a chance to visit the Holiday Train Show at Grand Central Terminal.  Even though it was pretty crowded, the display itself was enchanting.  Everything was meticulously crafted and I kept "oohing" and "ahhing" over all the lovely details.

Here are some photos from our trip into the city:
The miniature taxis were too adorable!  Can you spot the tiny Santa?

As you can see, this little guy really wanted to get inside

I loved seeing the sparkly Christmas light-night sky, King-Kong, and tiny, tiny nuns

Ack!  Look at that adorable mini Christmas tree!

We then got some yummy gluten free pizza at Two Boots Pizza.  I love this little guy's sweet kisses

Since it was such a nice day, we walked back to our bus stop.  On our way across town, Daddy and Chuck posed underneath the Bryant Park Christmas tree

It's a family portrait.  Can you find all of us?

Sunday, November 24, 2013

What's up Chuck? Eately!

Awhile back, hubby, Chuck, and I had lunch with friends at Eately, an Italian marketplace in the city.   We loved the food so much that we went again this weekend with another friend.  

Oy vey!  Oh New York, I love you dearly, but I really don't like your crowds.  Eately's shops and restaurants were jam packed with rows and rows of people.  Poor hubby struggled to maneuver our stroller through it all.  But despite being pushed around,  I'm really glad we made the trek across the river.  We saw shops lined with rows and rows of yummy goodies and we got to hang out with a dear friend.  Oh yeah, and let's not forget about the food.  Oh boy, it was just as good I remembered.  In fact, I'm drooling now just thinking about our pasta dishes.  Yum yum.

Here are some photos from our Italian adventure:

Cheese and meat shop

I love the little hearts on these desserts

Cool geometric tile design

Italian candies

Fresh, handmade pasta

Hubby's dish

Chuck taking a big bite out of his gluten free pasta

Sunday, November 10, 2013

What's up Chuck? Canstruction!

Hi everyone! Did you have a good weekend?  Ours was kind of a mixed bag.  On the one hand we got a chance to relax and hang out as a family... which is especially nice since hubby is still away most of the week for work.  But on the other hand, we were just so sad hearing about Typhoon Haiyan's terrible aftermath in the Philippines.  (To see how you can help the survivors, click here.) 


Ok, I'm trying to stay positive here.  Hearing about such destruction and devastation reminds me to be thankful for all the things I usually take for granted.   So I'm thankful for moments that we get to share together as a family:

Pretending to be monsters

Showing off our non-existent yoga moves

Enjoying the warm weather (Look!  No coat!)

Chasing each other around the park

I'm also thankful that we were able to see Canstruction at the Brookfield Place Winter Garden.  It's a joint competition and food drive  where teams of engineers, architects, designers, and students create sculptures out of nonperishable foods.  Sculptures will be up until November 13th and admission is free (just bring some canned food to donate).   Then, they'll be taken apart and the food will be donated to City Harvest, an organization dedicated to feeding the hungry in New York City. 
The sculptures were amazing.  I left feeling quite inspired seeing how people's artistic and creative skills were used to highlight the very real problem of hunger in New York City. 

Have a safe Monday, friends! 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Maker Faire 2013 (Part 2)

"Don't think.  Thinking is the enemy of creativity.  It's self-conscious, and anything self-conscious is lousy.  You can't try to do things.  You must simply do things."  Ray Bradbury 

Often times when an idea pops in my head, I find myself just sitting on it.  I spend days thinking about it. I turn it around and around in my head.   And then I get overwhelmed by it.

I guess I tend to over think things.  (Anyone else like that too?)

Seeing the exhibitors at the Maker Faire really inspired me.  Yeah, they probably did a lot of thinking.  But, they also stepped out of their thoughts and actually tinkered and experimented with their ideas.  They dared to try and they dared to fail.

Alright, that was rather a long intro to these last set of photographs from the Maker Faire.  (To see part 1, click here.)  I guess I just wanted to say a big thank you to all the exhibitors.  Thanks for being brave and trying.  Thanks for showcasing your creativity and hard work.  Thanks for inspiring the maker in me. 

Giant felted dinosaur

Chair made out of very thin cardboard (or thick paper?)

Butterfly bicycle!

The inventor of this toy (and the one below) was at the faire showcasing his toys.  They were lovely, modern, and classic at the same time.

You build a structure and then drop marbles onto it.  The marbles slide around on ramps and through holes.

Pink elephant made of wooden shapes- who thinks of this stuff?

Awesome pink elephant

Monday, September 23, 2013

Maker Faire 2013 (Part 1)

Hi everyone!  How was your weekend?

This weekend we visited the Maker Faire held at the New York Hall of Science.  It's a yearly two-day festival where tons of "makers" (crafters, hobbyists, tech lovers, engineers, etc..) showcase what they've made.

The faire is advertised as the "greatest show and tell on earth."  Oh boy, it definitely lived up to that title.  We visited the faire for about four hours... and only saw about about half of the exhibits.  Crazy, right?  Not going to was difficult maneuvering through all the exhibits with a super active two year old... but I really am thankful that we were able to attend.  It was truly awesome to see so many people passionate about making things with their hands.   I left feeling quite inspired (and exhausted...oof). 

Here are some photos from the day:

Tiny race cars!

This bus brings green space to urban dwellers.

Some toy makers sold their toys there

These robots moved and spoke

Music created by people's text messages

P9218754.AVI from Pink Stripey Socks on Vimeo.

Super cute mini toy that you could create with your kids

Allergic to dogs?  Ever consider a robot dog?  (Chuck loved following this guy around)

Monday, September 9, 2013

What's up Chuck?

Hi friends! 

How was your weekend?  Good, I hope.

After our previous week of activities, we mostly stayed around our neighborhood and took things easy.  But on Saturday night the traveling bug bit us full force.  We just had to go out.  So, we hopped aboard a bus and took an impromptu trip into the city. 

It was Chuck's first time seeing Times Square and Toys-R-Us.  I think he was quite dazzled by all the lights and hubbub.

Bright lights... big city...

I kept waiting for this guy to move... but he never did.

Ack! Humongous dinosaur in Toys-R-Us.  Hrmm... I wonder if was lifesize?

Can you believe this Green Hulk is made out of Lego?

Whoa.  They have a ferris wheel inside of the store!

Here we are riding the ferris wheel.  (Tee hee hee. Chuck's eyes are as big as saucers from seeing all the sights.)

Peeking out of car

Happy Monday!