Monday, August 24, 2015

Two ways to Make Confetti (And Celebrate Fiesta!)

Have you ever made confetti before?  I've seen bags of it in the stores, but never made my own.  Recently my son and I walked with our church in our town's parade.  It was a really fun Children's parade celebrating our town's Mexican, Spanish, American Indian, and early history.

I really wanted Chuck to have something to throw in the parade.  (Because let's face it, allowing a preschooler to throw colorful things at people = SUPER kid fun.)  So the night before the parade, my husband and I made two HUMONGOUS BAGS of confetti for kids to throw.  And guess what?  We made it in less than half an hour.  That's right.  We became confetti-making machines!  Here's how we did it!

Let's Make Confetti!

Here's a super easy way to make your own confetti, with and without a paper shredder!
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Before we start, here's a quick photo to give you a feel for our town's Children's parade.  

Aren't the colors lovely?  And check out the ground- confetti EVERYWHERE.  It was crazy fun.

santa barbara fiesta- viva la fiesta and toss some diy confetti!  it's super easy to make and fun to throw too!

Ok.  Let's make some confetti!

Method 1:  Cut up tissue paper!

cut up colored tissue to create confetti- super easy and super fun

First, grab several sheets of colored tissue paper. Fold them together.  Then, grab your scissor and cut out some fringe.

cut across to create equally sized confetti- bam! instant confetti!

Then, cut across.  Voila!  Pieces of confetti!

Method 2:  Use a paper shredder!

here's an easy way to create confetti from newspaper and a paper shredder

Now, if you have a paper shredder, you can also make confetti with that too.  You could just slip in construction paper or newspaper and shred it.  Bam. Instant confetti.  We tried doing it that way, but the strands were rather super long and got tangled up rather easily.  So we folded our newspaper in half and then cut out fringe again.  Then, we slipped the newspaper in perpendicular to the cuts and got a bunch of short pieces of confetti.

super easy way to make colorful confetti within minutes!

Since we made these two types, we mixed them together to create lovely, colorful, throwable confetti!

So sure, you could buy prepackaged confetti... but it's super easy and fun to cut up and make your very own!

how to make confetti in minutes!

Here's a photo of our Parade costumes.    

(And in case your'e wondering, I made the flower crown by making tiny tissue paper flowers  and then curling their pipe cleaner stems to a black headband.)

And see the ground?  It's amazing to see our main street absolutely covered in confetti.

how to make confetti- here's a super easy technique that can be used with or without a scanner.  make your own confetti in minutes!

Love tissue paper crafts?  

Well you're in luck, friend!  Today's post is part of a collaborative craft series.  The Kids Craft Stars and I are sharing fun and easy tissue paper crafts on our blogs.  So check out some of the other links below for more great ideas!

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Happy making, friends!

How to make confetti in minutes!  super easy to make and super easy to throw!