Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mommy date

A couple of days ago I went on my first date in New Jersey... my first mommy date that is.  Another mommy and I planned to go out for lunch by ourselves (without the kids!) and I was kind of a nervous wreck.  I felt like a pimply faced boy going on his first unchaperoned date.

As I got ready, a whole slew of questions popped into my head.  Some questions were a bit easier to answer...

What do normal women wear when they go out?
Is this shirt too dirty to wear out?
Do I have time to wash my hair?
How should I do my hair?  
Will I look like I'm trying too hard if I paint my nails?

And others questions pointed at deeper worries...
What if I'm too boring?
What if I have nothing to say?
What if I forgot how to just be... me?

Hubby was really sweet and gave me a good pre-date pep talk.  He also helped me to pick out an outfit.

And  look, I even wore an accessory!

We ended up going to a nearby restaurant and having a really fun time.  
Sometimes it's nice just being me... instead of mommy-me.

Oh yeah, in case you're wondering- here's a picture of my hot mommy date.  :) I look forward to going out with her again soon.


  1. aw cute dress! :) glad you had fun!! was this a mom you met in the park? or libs?

    1. funny story- i met her at the park and then told her about the library group. :) she's now a regular attendee!

  2. I feel like there must be a story behind your accessory. Care to share? It's such an unusual piece, I just can't believe it's something you picked up at the jewelry counter of your local Target.

    Also, I would have LOVED being on a mommy date with you. Shame you live so far away! Shame I'm not a mommy.... Regardless.... Glad it went well!

    1. Yah! I actually got it at a big antique place in Michigan. (Michigan seriously had some of the nicest thrift store/second hand/antique places...) I don't know its history, but I just liked how blue and sparkly the stone was. :)

      I'd love to go on a mommy date with you too, MB. :)

  3. I love this :) I'm glad you had a Mommy-date! (I miss our Mommy dates though)


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