Monday, April 28, 2014

DIY Dandelion Crown

What are your thoughts on dandelions?  Love em?  Hate em?  Since we live in the city and I don't do any yard work, I love the little suckers.  Their bright yellow color always cheers me up.  So dandelions can sprout anywhere as long as I'm concerned.  Like his mama, Chuck adores these little yellow flowers too.  He picks them from our neighbor's yard (shh, don't tell them!)  And he loves blowing them once they turn all white and poofy (again, shhhh, don't tell the neighbors... but they're probably going to get a bumper crop of dandelions next year.)  Because we both love these yellow flowers, I had to make a dandelion flower crown for Chuck. 

How to Make a Dandelion Flower Crown

how to make a dandelion flower crown

Full confession here- I'm an impatient crafter... so this DIY dandelion crown was right up my alley. It only took a couple of minutes to make and then voila!  My son now has a crown fit for a little story tale prince.  Let's get crafting!

Materials Needed to Make a Dandelion Crown 


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pick dandelions to make a crown

  • Dandelions
  • Scissors (Optional, but I found them to be helpful)
  • Paper Towels (Again, optional, but I found them to be helpful)


 How to Make a Dandelion Crown

picked dandelions

1.  Pick flowers.  (I clipped them with my scissors.)

2.  Optional: Wash and dry stems.

Talk to your kids about the different parts of the flower.  My son is rather young, so I just pointed out the stem, petals, and sticky sap.

steps to make a dandelion crown

3.  Trim stems till they're about 3" long.

4. Use your nail and create a small hole in the middle of a dandelion stem.

5.  Slip a second dandelion stem inside of your previously created hole.

6.  Now create a small hole in your second dandelion stem.  Slip a third dandelion into this hole. Keep creating holes and sticking dandelions inside of them until you have a chain of flowers long enough to wrap around your head.

DIY Dandelion crown

7.  Once you're satisfied with the length, tie both ends of your flower crown together.

8.  Trim any stems that jut out too much. (But be careful not to trim them too short, because you don't want your holes to break.)

And that's it!  Now you've got yourself a DIY dandelion crown.

super easy dandelion crown

Not interested in making a dandelion crown?  Well, you could always make the chain a bit longer and create yourself a dandelion necklace.
make a dandelion necklace

how to make a dandelion crown

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Happy crafting, friends!