Monday, May 12, 2014

Toilet Roll Helicopter Craft

Chuck loves his vehicles.  Thus far we've built a toilet roll airplane, a cardboard roll space shuttle,  a shampoo bottle boat, styrofoam gliders, and a tin can car.  (Wow.  That's a lot of transportation crafts!) Since we live near the river, helicopters fly over our building on a daily basis.  So we recently added this toilet roll helicopter to our collection of recycled transportation crafts.   (Can you tell that he's modeled after Harold the Helicopter from Thomas?)

Toilet Roll Helicopter Craft 

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make a cardboard roll helicopter


Materials Needed to make Toilet  Roll Helicopter


Directions to make Toilet Roll Helicopter 


1.  Print out the template.  Cut out the pieces and trace them onto cardboard.  Cut out the pieces.

cut out all your cardboard helicopter parts

2.  Poke holes through the parts that will attach your spinning rotor blades.  Trim your cardboard roll body to make it look more proportional with the tail.

paint your cardboard helicopter parts

2.  Cover your work area and paint your pieces!

3.  When your paint is dry, use a Sharpie Marker to draw in details.

4.  Then, use Mod Podge to protect your paint job.  (This is really important if your child is going to play with his new toy.)

attach the rotor

5.  Now use one of your Paper Fasteners to attach the rotor blades to your body.  (I added the cardboard circle underneath the blades to help them turn smoothly.)

slip through the popsicle stick

6.  Cut two slits in the bottom of your helicopter's body and slide in a mini popsicle stick.

cardboard roll helicopter landing skids

7.  Hot glue two other popsicle sticks on either end to create your landing skids.

put together helicopter tail

8.  Now assemble your tail.  Use hot glue to secure the pieces in.

how to build a cardboard roll helicopter

9.  Slide your tail into your toilet paper roll and hot glue it in place.  Then, hot glue your face in place.

Now you've got yourself a toilet roll helicopter!
cardboard roll helicopter craft

We built this guy a couple of weeks ago and Chuck is STILL playing with it.   (It's also lasted through all of his imaginary play too... pretty impressive, right?)

cardboard roll helicopter kids' craft

Hope you have fun making one of these for your child too!  Happy crafting and happy flying, friends!