Tuesday, June 10, 2014

"One in a Melon" Father's Day Card

Father's day is coming up!  We're gearing up over here by making cards and buying hubby yummy things to eat.  Yesterday I shared this super rad and easy to make toilet roll Father's Day card.  Today I'm sharing a punny Father's Day card with you.  It's a watermelon card (with matching watermelon envelope) that reads "Dad, you're one in a melon!" inside.

"One in a Melon" Father's Day Card

(Hee hee hee, so punny.)

easty "one in a melon" father's day card
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Chuck LOVES eating watermelon and hubby enjoys my punny humor, so this was a perfect card to make.  We had lots of fun painting the card and drawing inside.   

Materials Needed to Make "One in a Melon" Father's Day card


Let's make a "One in a Melon" Father's Day Card! 


1.  Use your bowl to trace a circle onto your watercolor paper.
2.  Cut the circle out.
3.  Write, "Dad, you're one in a melon!" on the top of your circle.  Then, write, "I love my you because" on the bottom of the circle.  Ask your children why they love their father.  Then, write down the reasons.  (Make sure your pronouns agree.  I forgot to and had to cross out some parts.  Oh well!)

child doodling inside father's day card

4.  Have your child draw a picture to illustrate the reason.  (I labeled Chuck's drawings to help hubby understand what he drew.)

Oooh!  We're finally starting to see some faces here!
child's first doodles

5.  Then, paint a watermelon on the other side. (We looked at pictures of watermelons to inspire us.)
6.  Once the paint dries, glue on some construction paper seeds.

father's day watermelon card

Fold your card in half and you have a watermelon! 

make a "one in a melon" father's day card

You can stop there, or you can make a watermelon envelope too!  Fold a piece of construction paper in half and then cut out a watermelon shape around your card.  Glue on some stripes and glue the two sides of the envelope together.  Make sure to leave the top part unglued so you can fit your card inside!

make watermelon envelope

And you're done! Here's one special card for a "one in a melon" dad!

"one in a melon" watermelon father's day card

Chuck's only 2, so the card was created over a couple of days.  We had fun painting, drawing, and gluing.  Right now we're hiding the card from hubby to surprise him on Sunday!  Shh.. don't tell him!

(If you're looking for a cute DIY Father's Day gift, we made a styrofoam mosaic photo frame for hubby last year.  It's a fun and easy gift that turns cardboard and styrofoam plates into frames!)

Happy making!