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DIY Fish or Fruit Perler Bead Stretch Bracelet

Awhile back I had the wonderful opportunity to do a post swap with Allison from Dream a Little Bigger. (She's a serious crafting all-star, so I definitely recommend checking out her blog if you want to get seriously inspired.)   While packing the other day I found my collection of DIY Perler Bead Bracelets  (see the bottom of the post for pictures.)  And then I realized that I never shared my tutorial here.  So tada!  Here's a post from the archives.  Today we're going to make these lovely "fish" and "fruit" perler bead bracelets. 

Make "Fish" and "Fruit" Perler Bead Bracelets

how to make fish and fruit perler bead woven bracelets

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Aren't they both so colorful and summery?  Don't you just want to make one? It feels like summer camp all over again...  Let's get stringing!

Materials Needed to Make Perler Bead Bracelets:

Let's Make A "Fish" Bracelet!  

(Note:  Both bracelets follow the same stringing pattern.  So I'll just share the fish bracelet tutorial.  You can easily change the colors to make the fruit bracelet.  )

how to string a fish perler bead bracelet1.  Cut out a strand of cord.  (It doesn't matter what length you choose  You'll end up tying on more cord later.)  Tie on a bead to act as a stopper.  (Choose whatever color you want.  I chose a black bead.  You'll remove this bead at the end.) 

2.  String on six blue beads.  (I labeled the beads in the photo with numbers to help out with the next step. ) These six beads will be your first column of beads.

3.  Now you're going to add your second column of beads.  Add on a your 7th blue bead.  Then, slip your string through your 5th blue bead.  Add your 8th blue bead.  Then, slip your string through your 3rd blue bead.  Then, add on your 9th blue bead.  Then, slip your string through your 1st blue bead.  Pull tight!

Congrats!  You've got the basis for the rest of your bracelet.  See how some portions of the bracelet jut out and some portions of the bracelet don't?  As you build your bracelet, you'll alternate between adding a bead to fill in a gap, and stringing your cord through a bead that juts out.

how to string a fish perler bead bracelet

4.   Now we're going to string one fish.  Remember to pull your string tight after stringing each column of beads.

Column 3: Add a blue bead, string through 9th blue bead, add a white bead, string through 8th blue bead, add another white bead, string through 7th blue bead 

(From now on, I'll just tell you what color beads to add.  Remember to alternate between adding a new bead and stringing through a bead that's jutting out.)

Column 4: Blue, white, blue
Column 5: Blue, blue, blue
Column 6:  Blue, white, blue

stringing a fish perler bead bracelet
Column 7:  Blue, white, white
Column 8:  Blue, white, blue
Column 9:  Blue, white, white
Column 10: Blue, white, blue

Column 11:  Blue, white, white
Column 12:  Blue, white, blue

And now you have a fish.  Add a couple of columns of blue beads and then make some more fish.  (I alternated heights to make the bracelet a bit more interesting.)

finished "fish" perler bead bracelet

how to end a perler bead bracelet
 5.  Once your bracelet fits your wrist and both ends fit together like zipper teeth, string your cord through both sides of the bracelet and pull tight.  Remove the stopper bead and tie your beginning and ending cords together. 

Voila. You're done. 

DIY fish and fruit perler bead bracelet
Super cute right? The fruit one is currently my favorite because we've been eating a lot of pineapples over here.

And if you follow me on Instagram, you'll probably have realized that I kind of have a thing for Perler Beads.... eh hem....

how to make all sorts of woven DIY Perler Bead Bracelets

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Happy stringing!