Thursday, July 17, 2014

DIY Magnetic Transportation Map Game

Our epic move still looms overhead.  The movers are coming next week and then we fly off to California a week after that.  I keep trying to explain what's happening to Chuck, but I'm not sure he gets it yet.  So I came up with this easy craft and activity to help him out.  It's a DIY Magnetic Transportation Map Activity where you move different types of transportation across county using magnets!

DIY Magnetic Transportation Map Game

DIY Magnetic Transportation Map Game
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Chuck really enjoyed helping me to color in the map and different types of transportation using watercolors.  He also REALLY enjoyed moving everything around using magnets.  It was a bit of trial and error to put this toy together, but at the end we came up with a craft that's easy to make, fun to use, and *hopefully* helpful for Chuck.

Let's get making!

Materials Needed

Let's Make ourselves a Magnetic Map Game!  

1.  Print out a map of the states. 

print out a map and cut up the cereal box2.  Cut the back and sides off of your cereal box so that it resembles a table.  (Note:  Do NOT cut your sides as high as I did because then your "table" will sag in the middle.  See the photo after step 7 to see what I'm talking about.)

3.  Trace your cereal box onto your map and trim the map so it's the same size as the cereal box "table" top.

transfer your map onto watercolor paper by rubbing the back with pencil

4.  Since I wanted Chuck to use watercolors to paint the map, I had to transfer my image onto watercolor paper.

Here's how you can easily transfer images:  

Rub the back of your printed map with pencil lead, making sure to cover the entire image.  Then, place the map right side up onto the watercolor paper.  Then, trace the map with your pencil.  Once you lift off the printed map, you'll see a faint copy of the map on your watercolor paper.  (The pencil lead on the back acts as homemade graphite paper.)   Then, trace over your copy with this marker to ensure that your image won't bleed with watercolors.

5.  Draw your transportation vehicles.  Cut everything out.

6.  Paint everything with watercolors.

tape your magnets onto your popsicle stick and the back of your pieces

7.  Once your paint dries, tape your magnets onto a popsicle stick and the backs of your vehicles.  Also, tape your map to the top of your table.

And that's it!  Now you've got a simple, but fun toy that a young child can help you make.  

(Here's a side view of our game.  See how the map sags in the middle?  Don't make the same mistake as me and cut your sides too high.  You need to leave some cardboard on the sides to make the table more rigid.)

how the DIY magnetic transportation game works and a warning to not cut the sides too high!

how to make a fun DIY Magnetic transportation toy

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Happy making, friends!