Monday, September 15, 2014

DIY Piggy Bike Basket

When Chuck turned 3 a couple of weeks ago we got him his first 2 wheeler bike.  I wasn't sure if he would know what to do with it, but he took to it like a fish to water.  He just loves riding it!  However, there was just one problem.  He couldn't figure out a way to ride the bike AND hold his favorite stuffed pig at the same time.  So I told him I would make him a small bike basket.  After showing him a couple of designs, he selected a basket that resembled a pig.  And that's the story behind this DIY piggy bike basket.

DIY Piggy Bike Basket

Make your own DIY bike basket from cardboard!
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Now I know there are tons of really affordable kid bike baskets out there.  But we have a TON of cardboard lying around from our move AND I enjoy making things.  So it was a win-win situation.  Plus, where else could we get a pig basket?

Ok, enough chatting.  Let's get making!

Materials Needed

*We used paint and Mod Podge, but you could also use Duck Tape too!

Let's Make a Bike Basket!

how to make a kid bike basket from cardboard

1.  Measure your stuffed animal.  Then, draw out a design for a basket (essentially a box) to hold your stuffed animal.

Two notes:

  • You know that old saying, "Measure twice, cut once?"  Um... follow it.  I don't know why, but my measurements were totally wrong.   Our basket ended up being 1/2 the width it should have been.  Boo!  Luckily Piggy is squish and we can still jam her in.  So yeah... check your numbers!
  • I always have trouble making a box that perfectly fits together. (I forget that cardboard has thickness too!)  This time I didn't sweat it too much and ended up trimming my side and bottom pieces slightly once I started gluing and taping things together.  The end result isn't perfect by any means, but it was good enough for us.

2.  Trace your template onto cardboard.  Cut it out.  (If you want to make sure the pieces fit nicely together and hold your stuffed animal, you can always use masking tape and lightly tape the pieces together to see how everything will look before proceeding.  This would have saved me some grief later on.)

3.  Use your craft paint and paint your pieces.  Then, coat it with Mod Podge.  Once it dries, drill for your zip ties.   (We don't leave our bike outside, so I wasn't worried about the box getting ruined.  However, I still like to use Mod Podge to give it some protection.)

4.  Hot Glue your front, side, and bottom pieces together.  Then, use packing tape to make sure everything stays in place.  (Note:  Make sure that you attach the side and bottom pieces directly on top of your front piece.  This way your back piece will completely cover everything up.)

how to attach your kid bike basket to the bike

5.  Now it's time to slip your zip ties through the back.  Make sure to slip them through so that you can attach the basket to the bike

6.  Hot glue your back on.  Further secure it in place with packing tape.

Use zip ties to attach the basket to the bike

7.  Attach the box to your bike


  • I had to use multiple zip ties to secure the basket on.  Then, I trimmed the excess bits off. 
  • If you make a mistake and want to undo a ziptie, simply use a safety pin to release the connection and separate the two zipties.  (I had to do this several times.)

And now you've got yourself a lovely cardboard bike basket! 

DIY Cardboard Kid Bike Basket

Fill it with your favorite toys....

Inside of DIY Bike Basket

Or your favorite fluffy friend. 

DIY Piggy Bike Basket for Kids from Cardboard

Hee hee.  This photo reminds me of ET...

Make a bike basket from cardboard for your kids!

And that's all for today.  Don't like pigs?  No worries.  You can just customize the basket to whatever your kid likes.

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Happy Making!  (Remember, come back on Tuesday for a $100 giveaway!!!! Yup.  I'm excited too.)