Sunday, October 26, 2014

Button Rings

Do you have some buttons lying around?  Does your child love dressing up and playing pretend?  Then today's super easy kids jewelry craft is right up your alley! We recently visited a really cool store called Art From Scrap and had a blast rummaging through bins of random odds and ends.  A couple of particularly lovely buttons caught my eye, and I knew that I had to take them home to make these cute button rings.   

Easy Button Rings!

easy button ring craft for kids
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This would a super fun craft to make for, or with young children.  Chuck helped me to string on the buttons and cut the pipe cleaners.  At the end his favorite ring was the red one.  Why?  It's the fire fighting one.  Apparently it squirts water at fires.  Who knew?

Ooh.  I just realized something else. This would also be a great craft for kids who love the Fancy Nancy Series too. 

Ok.  Let's get making!

Materials Needed to Make Button Rings

materials needed to make button ring craft

Let's Make Some Button Rings!

buttons needed to make button and pipe cleaner ring kids craft

1.  Choose your prettiest buttons. Then, find pipe cleaner colors that match. Cut the pipe cleaners in half.

string pipe cleaner through back of button to make DIY kids jewlery

2.  String your pipe cleaner through the back of your button.

easy to make kids button ring jewelery craft

3. Wrap the pipe cleaner around your finger and then twist both ends together.  Use your scissors to trim off excess ends.

These were so fast to make, you can quickly make yourself a whole set!
Gorgeous darling, simply gorgeous!

super fun and easy button ring jewlery  craft for kids

Ahh!  Love how each one is colorful and unique. 
how to make easy kids button ring - fun craft!

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