Monday, November 24, 2014

Poppable Wrapping Paper (DIY Gift Wrapping Rockin' Art Mom Style!)

Are you looking for creative ways to wrap your holiday gifts?  Well, today I've joined forces with fellow Rockin' Art Moms to share several imaginative and unique ways to wrap your holiday gifts!  (So be sure to check out all the rockin' holiday ideas below!)

Because we always seem to have an abundance of bubble wrap lying around, I put our excess to good use and made this modern, poppable holiday wrapping paper! 

Popping Holiday Wrapping Paper!

Looking for a creative way to wrap Christmas gifts?  Try poppable wrapping paper!
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I'm all about easy holiday crafts- like these paint chip Christmas Trees,  easy DIY Reindeer Headbands, and mini pipe cleaner and cardboard Christmas trees.  Today's wrapping paper idea is  super simple, colorful, and fun!   The recipient of your gift will get a kick out of popping the bubbles!

Materials Needed

materials needed to make poppable Christmas Wrapping Paper

Make Popping Gift Wrap!

steps to make creative popping wrapping paper

1.  Cut out a piece of bubble wrap (with large bubbles) that will cover your gifts.

2.  Wrap the gift as is, or add a bit more decoration like feathers or a piece of artwork to your bubble wrap.  Simply tape your decorative items onto the flatter side of the bubble wrap.

3.  Fold your bubble wrap in half.  Using colorful Duct Tape, tape 3 sides of your package together (with the bubble side facing outwards.)  Then, place your gift inside and seal the fourth side with duct tape.

And that's it! You have a colorful and fun way to package your gifts.  They're ready to be given to someone, or popped into the mail!

Easy and Fun Popping Holiday Wrapping Paper

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DIY Gift Wrapping Rockin' Art Mom Style

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