Thursday, March 19, 2015

Make Matisse Murals with Kids

The more I look at Matisse's artwork, the more it really speaks to me.  I love his vibrant colors and the way his artwork expresses such movement.  Around this time last year, Chuck and I made Matisse Collages from construction paper.  We had such fun making them together... that I thought we could take it to the next level... wall murals!

Making Matisse Murals with Kids

make matisse-inspired wall murals with preschool kids
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Yup.  We made ourselves Matisse mural.  The idea was inspired by this gorgeous kate zaremba wallpaper.  (Love, love, loooove!)   Here's how we did it!

First, Chuck and I grabbed a bunch of paint chips and got cutting.

(Two things I've learned  recently... 1) Preschoolers LOVE scissors.  So Chuck's totally on board anytime cutting is involved.   2) Paint chips are like construction paper... on steroids. They're seriously one of my favorite crafting materials.  They come in fabulous, modern colors and they're free! Woot woot! That's why I used them to make a Christmas tree advent calendar and paint chip wall art.)

Then, I taped a large piece of white craft paper onto the wall.    Then we pulled out our trusty glue sticks, cutout shapes, and circle stickers and began making art!

child sticking on stickers onto matisse inspired murals

The circle stickers  by far were his favorite to stick onto the wall. 

child sticking on stickers onto Matisse Murals

And we just kept going and going and going!  

upclose shot of Matisse mural

I thought it would be fun to glue on super large googly eyes.  While we got gluing, Chuck realized that he could also glue on glue sticks.  While they didn't stay stuck for long, he enjoyed the diversion.

gluing on eyeballs and glue sticks to the wall

And then we used washable markers to add finishing touches.

(Side note:  Thank goodness washable markers really are washable.  I left him for just a moment and when I got back there was marker all over the wall too.)

using markers on matisse mural

I loved how the results turned out, but the best part about this project for me was hearing Chuck say "Look mommy, I'm an artist." 

Yes you are, Chuck.  Yes you are.

making matisse inspired murals with kids

If you're looking for more colorful artwork to make with the kids, check out my arts and craft page.  I've also listed out several of our favorite activities below!

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