Friday, May 15, 2015

Pie Plate Solar System

We love space themed crafts!  Do you?  Today's Creative Preschool Collaborators theme is space.  This means that 4 other bloggers and I will share 5 super fun solar system crafts!  So be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post to see everyone's ideas!

We've been studying how the earth revolves around the sun.  So we made this pie plate solar system game!

Pie Plate Solar System

Easy Preschool Science Activity-  Show kids how the earth revolves around the sun with this easy pie plate solar system craft and game!
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The idea for this game started when we watched a spool of thread roll on the ground.  I stuck on some stickers to show Chuck how our earth revolves around the sun.  (Image from my Instagram feed)

easy preschool space science- learn about how space and how the earth revolves around the sun

He seemed to enjoy rolling the spool around.  So we scaled the idea up with this pie plate game.  (Bonus- I also loved how the activity encouraged cutting and fine motor skills practice too!)  Here's a video of him trying to get earth around the moon!

Pie Plate Solar System Game from Pink Stripey Socks on Vimeo.

Here's what you'll need for this spacey craft and game:

Easy Preschool space science- trace your pie pan
First, trace your pie plate onto a sheet of black construction paper. 

preschool space activity- cut out your sun for pie plate solar system
Cut out your black circle and glue it to the bottom of your pie plate pan.  Then, trace and cut out an orange circle.

Preschool space science activity- stick on stars and sun
Glue on your sun.  Then, add some stars.

Preschool space science- try to get earth around the sun!
Now you're done!  Try to get your earth to revolve around the sun!  (It's not as easy as it looks!)

Easy Preschool space science game- try to get the planets around the sun!
And once you get one around the sun... try to get all 9 planets to revolve around the sun!  

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