Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Paint Chip Color Wheel Inspired Fall Wreaths

Ready for another easy fall craft? Today we're combining my love for color, paint chip crafts, and fall leaves.  We're making Color Wheel Inspired Fall Wreaths!   

Easy Kids Fall Art Activity-  Make a color wheel inspired fall wreath, using paint chips!
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I took an art class last semester and had a lot of fun learning about color theory using the color wheel.  Since we've been learning about fall and the changing leaves, my son and I made this fall wreath together. 

First, my preschooler and I looked at the color wheel together.  I explained to him how the color wheel showed lots of different colors and the relationship between the colors.  (He called it a "rainbow" wheel.)  Then, together we turned the wheel and talked about

  • primary colors
  • "warm colors" and "cool colors"
  • which colors were next to each other on the wheel
  • which colors were across from each other 
  • what happens when we add black and white to colors
  • how two colors can mix together to make other colors
  • our favorite colors

Then, we went to the hardware store and chose paint chip colors that best matched the colors on the color wheel.

I cut out a bunch of oak leaves from the paint chips.  Then, we looked at photographs of leaves and tried drawing lines on our leaves using Sharpie markers.

Paint Chip Color Wheel Inspired Fall Wreath- Easy Fall Art Activity

And then I cut out a ring from a paper plate.  We matched the colors of the leaves to the color wheel and taped them on.

how to make a paint chip color wheel inspired fall wreath

And that's it!  I hope you enjoy trying out this activity with your kids too!  It's such a simple and easy fall art project with lovely results.

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Easy Fall Art Activity- Make Color Wheel inspired Fall Wreaths (out of paint chips!)