Wednesday, April 6, 2022

DIY Rainbow Perler Bead Magnetic Letters

Looking for a super cute and easy gift that kids can make for themselves or as gifts for friends? Why not try making these Rainbow Perler Bead Magnetic letters? We love Perler Bead crafts over here and this is such a cute one that my kids recently made for their friends. 

How to Make Rainbow Perler Bead Magnetic Letters

 DIY Perler Bead Magnet Letters Kid Made Gift Craft

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Materials Needed:

*See Note in Step 3

Let's Make Rainbow Letter Magnets:

1. Google Perler Bead letter designs. (For example, see this one.) Build your letters on your board according to the pattern.

2. Iron your Perler Beads by placing the ironing paper on top and running and hot iron over the beads. Do this for both sides.

3. Hot glue a magnet on the back of your letter.

Note: We tried hot gluing on super-strong Neodymium magnets at first.  Bad idea. They completely ripped off the plastic letters when we tested them out on our fridge. Maybe if we used crazy glue the result would have been different? We had much better success hot gluing on ceramic magnets.

DIY Perler Bead Magnet Letters Kid Made Gift Craft

And that's it! :) Hope you and the kids enjoy making this fun craft.

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Happy creating and connecting, friends.

DIY Perler Bead Magnet Letters Kid Made Gift Craft