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Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring break 2012

Hi everyone,

It's me, Baby Chuck.

Last week was my first spring break.  Spring break is when daddy stays at home.  Spring break is also when daddy takes us to fun places like the grocery store and the mall.  I like spring break a lot.

Even though it wasn't warm enough to go to the beach, mom and I put out a towel and pretended we were on the sand.

I like pretend beaches

Of course I had to work on my tan too!

Mom said that one day we'd go to the real beach.  I can't wait to see the sand and the water.

Hope you had a good weekend!

Baby Chuck

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Baby teeth

Baby Chuck is currently teething.  We noticed the classic signs several weeks ago.  He was fussy, drooling, tugging at his ears, and biting toys.  Our suspicions were confirmed when these two pearly whites appeared not too long ago.

Since this is a pretty big developmental milestone, I figured I'd honor his accomplishment with a baby badge. 
Is it strange for a tooth to have a tooth?

And since I was drawing badges, I figured I'd also give him one to honor his foray into solids.
I'm not sure what this baby ate...

Monday, March 12, 2012

One giant gustatory leap

I knew this day had to come. 

A couple of months ago, Baby Chuck suddenly became very interested in what we were eating
Baby Chuck:  "What is this stuff they keep shoving into their mouths?"

And like most kids, he was particularly drawn to snack foods.
Baby Chuck:  "But mum, potatoes and corn are vegetables.  These are healthy."

So, after he turned 6 months, hubby and I finally decided to take the plunge.  It was time to introduce him to solid foods.  *gulp*  At first he didn't seem to like our watery rice cereal.  But after we thickened it up a bit, he just ate and ate and ate.

Such a voracious appetite!  I have no idea where he gets that from...

Friday, March 2, 2012

6 months old

Today Baby Chuck turns 6 months old.   Here's a gift from him to you, dear reader. 
Thanks for joining us on this new adventure.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leaping into a better day

Hi everyone,

It's me, Baby Chuck.  Happy Leap Day!
Do you like my froggy hat?  I wore it for Leap Day.

Mum is taking a nap.  I put her to bed  early because she was very tired.  We had a very busy day.  Today I tried to cheer her up, so I set up a play date with another mommy.  I think the two mommies hit it off, so I'll set up another play date for them in the future.  We also took daddy on an adventure to Saugatuck.  All the shops were closed, so we just walked around and enjoyed the nice weather and the water.   

I hope you had a good Leap Day too.

Baby Chuck

PS- Happy 6 month birthday Baby Manny!
PPS- I don't know what happened... but my face feels less itchy today.  Mum can't stop kissing it.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Strawberry faced mummy boy

Last week I took Baby Chuck to the allergist to get retested.  Because he's still so small, they were only able to do a portion of the testing.  After they stuck a bunch of needles into his back, we found out that he's allergic to even more food items.  Now we're eliminating wheat, soy, nuts, and fish from our diet.  We're also sticking with nursing because our previous attempt at formula resulted in swollen eyelids and lips.

Despite our radical diet change, Chuck's skin is a lot worse.  He's still red and itchy.  We've even had to bandage his legs to prevent him from tearing at his own skin.  I'm hoping that he's just reacting to the allergy shots and that things will calm down with time. 

Hubby keeps reminding me that even though it doesn't feel like it, we're getting closer to understanding (and hopefully fixing) the problem.  We just have to stay strong and be persistent.

If only hugs and kisses could solve all of life's problems...  

Monday, February 20, 2012

Take a bite

Lately Baby Chuck has been sticking everything in his mouth.  It doesn't matter if it's my shirt or his hand or hubby's watch, somehow he has to lick and suck everything.  I wonder if he's teething?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Bleach bath baby

I must admit, I was kind of nervous when the dermatologist told us to give Baby Chuck bleach baths for his eczema.  It didn't matter that we were only required to put the tiniest amount of bleach into a very full tub of water.  Worries and fears still raced through my mind.  Our baby has sensitive skin and you want us to put him in a pool of caustic chemicals?  Doesn't bleach burn your skin?  Are you sure this is going to help?  Is his hair going to fall out?  Is his skin going to lose pigmentation? 

Because we were so desperate we took that leap of faith and followed the doctor's orders.   

Turns out that Baby Chuck really enjoys bleach bath time.  (So does duckie.)  Who knew?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Friday, February 10, 2012

Sicky Poo

Everybody is sick over in this neck of the woods.  We're coughing and sneezing.  Our eyes and noses are running like faucets.  And, I think our internal thermometers are off because one minute I feel like I'm overdressed and the next minute I feel like I need to wrap myself in a warm blanket.   Fortunately (for me), Baby Chuck and I caught the bug first and then we passed it along to hubby.  (Sorry!)  We're slowly getting better and now it's hit hubby full force.  He's taking it all in good stride, though.   Just this morning he commented, "I like being sick because I feel skinnier.  Must be because I'm dehydrated."

Stay healthy!

PS- It doesn't seem like anyone wanted my Tim Gunn book, so I shall give it to a friend here.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I'll let you decide.

Eat this... not this...

Goodbye, pizza!

Hubby and I were rather surprised when we got Baby Chuck's allergy test results back.  We initially guessed that he was allergic to milk and possibly eggs. However, we were both wrong.  It turns out that Chuck is not allergic to those two foods. He is, however, allergic to (at least) four things:  peanuts, wheat, soy, and *gasp* dog dander.  Of the four items, he's highly allergic to peanuts and moderately allergic to the rest of the list.  I'd like to continue breastfeeding him and after asking the initial question, "Well, what can we eat?" I realized... oh wait.... we can still eat quite a bit.  (Oh cheese, how I've missed you.) 

Armed with this new information, we've formed a new plan of attack.  We're going to (1) modify our diet, (2) set up some new rules and boundaries for Charlie, and (3) meet up with an allergist for more information.  I'm excited to try out the new changes and am really hoping that Chuck's eczema will improve.  

Friday, February 3, 2012

5 months old

On Baby Chuck's 5 month birthday, I took him into school for Baby Observation day.  It's held once a semester and Dev Psych college students get to see classroom material play out with real babies.  I was so proud of my little man.  He smiled at the class (mostly made up of girls-- lock up your daughters, I think we have a little ladies' man on our hands) and didn't fuss when the professor did the different tasks with him.

This past month has been filled with a lot of good things and a lot of tough things as well.  We're still struggling to keep his eczema under control and I'm hopeful that we're moving in the right direction.  We're also really enjoying seeing Chuck being a lot more active and responding to the world around him.  This little guy is no longer content to just sit in his chair or lie on my belly.  Instead, he wants to

wiggle and roll around, 
lift up his legs,
and grab (and lick) everything

I can't wait to see what the next month has in store...

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Test results

Baby Chuck's eczema is flaring up again.  Today we visited the dermatologist's office and then took Chuck to a nearby lab to get his blood drawn.

Note:  This was the first attempt.  His veins were soo tiny that we had to visit another lab to get the blood drawn.

He was a trooper and the lab techs were great.  We're hoping the test will reveal the cause of his eczema.  Is he allergic to milk?  Eggs?  Soy?  Wheat?  Dust?  Pollen?  Dog dander?  (Any guesses?  Hubby guesses eggs and chickpeas.  I'm guessing eggs and milk.  Charlie hopes it's not dog dander.)  Until we find out the results, we'll keep using the meds, giving him bleach baths (strange... but it's doctor's orders!) and moisturizing.  (Now, if only I could just rest him in a large tub of moisturizer.  But alas, even Sam's Club doesn't sell containers that large.)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Date night with an ipod

I heard about this new free app called Camera Art FX.  It lets you apply different artistic filters to photos taken on your favorite iProduct.  Hubby, Chuck, and I enjoyed playing around with it during our last date night:

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New skill

Is the post office looking for a new stamp-licker?  We have someone here who is willing to work for a bottle of milk...or some hugs.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year! Hubby, Chuck, and I celebrated last night by eating dumplings and drinking a fake-pho (faux-pho?) that hubby made.  I really wanted Baby Chuck to wear something Chinesey, but didn't have time to do any shopping.  (Plus, I was feeling cheap.)  So, I made this hat (modeled after this one) out of some materials that I had lying around the house:  a paper plate, used ribbon, construction paper, and some Christmas tinfoil.  

Hope you have a wonderful time celebrating with friends and family.    

Friday, January 20, 2012

Sadly, they're baaa-aack

After a couple of days of clear skin, I woke up yesterday and saw tiny red spots all over Baby Chuck's head and around his nose and mouth.  There's also some funny yellow crusting around his nose.  Rats!  The doctor told us to keep putting the cream on his face and to schedule another appointment if things don't clear up within a week.  Luckily, our little man still seems to be in a good mood...  

I'm mum's little trooper

which is somewhat surprising given that he also vomited several times yesterday and once this morning.  (Thank goodness for waterproof mattress protectors.)  So, we've been doing a LOT of laundry around here.

Don't worry mum, I'll take care of these.

Hubby and I are trying our best to keep our spirits up.  Hopefully the doctors can help us figure out what's wrong...

Have a great weekend.  Be sure to stay healthy and warm.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

These good moments

(Left):  Two weeks ago                     (Right):  Three days ago

I can't stop kissing and hugging Baby Chuck.
I can't stop stroking his cheek and tiny hands.
And I can't stop delighting in his smiles and coos.

I'm so thankful that he's feeling better.

And even though we're not out of the woods yet, I'm going to try my best to enjoy these good moments.