Thursday, November 3, 2011

Meet my meat pie

Hubby introduced me to the meat pie, a delicious Australian goody, a couple of years back and my stomach  fell in love. Who wouldn't love this hearty meal of savory meat encased in a flaky crust, doused with ketchup, and served with buttery mashed potatoes and creamy sweet peas on the side?

Last night I attempted to recreate this Aussie treat and the combination of flavors brought hubby back home.


  1. It has been ages since I had a meet pie. I am sure it was very good! (FOS-LM)

  2. haha i thought the mashed potatoes was a man-tou! it was scooped so perfectly!

  3. MMM! If you have a good recipe for this, do share!

  4. creamy sweet peas! YUM on a plate :)

  5. :)
    (1) creamy sweet peas = milk + butter + boiled peas + salt + pepper

    (2) mashed potatoes = milk + butter + boiled potatoes + salt + pepper

    (3) meat pie = sauteed(onions + carrots + celery + ground beef + little bit of flour + beef bouillon + little water + nutmeg + tomato paste) --> cover with already made pie crust --> bake --> slather with ketchup

  6. apart from the creamy sweet peas, its pretty much classic British food.


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