Monday, April 16, 2012

Sofa Series 4: Our new (old) sofa is here

The sofa we found at the thrift store and got professionally reupholstered is finally finished.  They delivered it to our apartment last week.  Hubby and I are amazed at how great it looks. 

Oodles and oodles of potential

Tada!  Green fabric!  Man-oh-man, I can't believe we own such lovely furniture.

It is big, beautiful, comfy, and quirky... and we adore it!  The people at Found did such a wonderful job.  Thank you!

(I would have uploaded these couch photos earlier, but every time I sat on it to work on this post... I fell asleep. Too comfy! )


  1. beautiful indeed! love the fabric!

  2. are you going to move the couch back?

  3. definitely yes! we're going to strap it to the top of our car and drive it back.

    just kidding. :) the movers will bring it for us.

  4. love the green!! i can't wait to see what stylings you'll have for your new apt! :)

  5. They turned out really nice. I love the soft green colour. I also love the throwpillows.


    1. The throw pillows were a gift from a very stylish lady. ;)

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