Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bucket list- Grand Rapids Public Museum

Here's our last bucket list item.


  1. Baby Chuck's an astronaut! How cute! I love the miniature chair collection.
    So are you ready for the big move? How's Charlie?

    Tita Tina

  2. Hi Les!

    It has been ages since I've hopped onto your lovely site. I had to look through a lot of your daily blogs and spotted the blog that I remembered last and it was the one right before your birthday post. It been awhile :( When you mentioned that you were reading Parker Palmer's book, I recognized that name since the first semester in grad school involved reading one of his books called "To Know As We Are Known"...now that book was very deep and sometimes we found ourselves no understanding what he had written because of his way of writing. Thanks for continuing to post pictures of your family and the cool places and experiences...Have you guys moved already? Do send me the address, por favor. Miss you guys!


Thanks for your comment!


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